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This is a page created for @tastefultoy! Go ahead and fill in 'em details, and thank you so much for your help!

- I'll work more on it tomorrow! (NEVER) For now, here's the most important part:

These exist thanks to the glorious @Cobalt Giraffe . I couldn't figure it out. He did it.

Spacial Flowers

Each of the girls have a special plant that cost 1600 lust dust to buy. It will then automatically planted in the special pot set a side.

Each spacial flower will give you the choice of either

  • A permanent stat increase
  • 5000 points of affection
  • +25% to all stats maximum for 7 days

-25% to all action times for 7 days

(the first option includes all of the above)


  • 2 mementos picked at random for that specific girl
  • Choosing this option will NOT complete the spacial flower task

Each of plants will have 5 tasks, performing each task will bring the quality up a single star. You will have 10 days to complete each of tasks with a 12 hour delay between each task ( unless you pay 150 diamonds or use time warps). If you do all five tasks you will only really have 8 days.

Mary's plant tasks are as follows;

1- use 1 sand wood incense, 1 yubari king melon, and (I forgot about the 3rd)

2- use 1 yubari king melon, water plant(s) 5 times and complete 1 daily wish task(s)

3- use 1 strong black coffee, complete 1 daily game task(s), and get 3 stars on Spiral, Bridges, and Switch the gravity

4- use 1 classy bouquet, complete 1 daily wish task(s), and water plant(s) 5 times

5- use 5 time warps (this can include if you've used them in the past as well), complete 1 daily game task(s), complete 1 daily wish task(s), and gather 10 points in any gacha

(I will up date you on the other tasks and plants when I get there)

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