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Archive of the girls reacting to things we told Xtense.

Attitudes towards having children

Mary - “Oh… Oh MC, I thought you'd never ask… I love you and I would be so happy to have you as their father… Whenever you're ready, tell me, I'll prepare everything, it'll be an unforgettable evening…!”
Sakaki - “…I… I am honoured, MC, but are you certain? Children are a responsibility. I know you'd be a great father and I'd give it my all, but don't make impulsive decisions. Still… I am so happy you consider me, and I wish for nothing else than to stay with you…”
Cleo - “Pfft, you kidding? Pregnancy ruins a body, no way I'll get my abs ruined… Oh. OH. You meant yourself? Well… Fuck, now I feel dumb… Look, MC… You're a great guy, but I dunno… I don't really feel like mother material, you know? Let me think about it.”
Raquel - “Are you insane!? No fucking way! This would ruin my life and career, don't even joke about that!”
Annabelle - “You're serious, love…? Wow… I don't know what to say, honestly… I'm… I mean, on one hand, I'd be happy to lead the ordinary, motherly life, but… But I've got my work, MC. It's not the kind of work that's good for kids, and I would hate to leave you with them by yourself… I can't do that to you. I don't mean to say that my work is more important, but I can't… switch careers easily. I'm… I'm sorry… I know you're disappointed… I'm sorry for… Not being able to be who you wish I was…”
Leilani - “Oh, what are you talking about? I'm already working on it, my love. The condoms were only symbolic, they're already pre-pierced by me. …what? Why are you looking at me like that?”
Yasu - “Eww, are you serious!? We can't, brother, we're family!! It's… It's not right… I'm… sigh I… will admit that I… thought about it, but if we're both infused with the Demonic Ether, a child borne of this union would be… something bad for this world. No, brother… We can't…”
Eva - “…I… Oh, oh god… I'm… I can't be a mother… I'd do a horrible job, my kids would hate me and I'd hurt them and you'd hate me and I… MC, I'm… I'm scared…”


Mary would definitely be a wine and cider person. She'd get really warm, huggy and kissy when drunk.
Sakaki takes her alcohol really well since sake is a part of traditional ceremonies in Japan. If she ever got stinkingly drunk, she'd lose all of her inhibition and became a complete emotional pendulum, since she's got a lot on her mind, poor girl.
Cleo regularly drinks beer. She's the fun kind of drunk, gets jokey, a little teasy, but never hurtful. She'd be the kind of drunk to light farts on fire and laugh about it.
Raquel only drinks the finest alcohol, no matter what kind it is. She is, however, VERY opposed to the idea of getting drunk and you'd have to pretty much force it down her throat once she starts feeling warm.
Annabelle loves beer, but more specifically - the very dark, harsh brews, like ale. When drunk, she starts giggling uncontrollably at anything and everything, which coupled with her breasts looks very fun.
Leilani doesn't drink alcohol. If she did, she'd be an aggressive kind of drunk, first to a bar fight. Preferably with a bottle rose.
Eva only drinks socially, which considering her life, hasn't happened too often. She can't keep her drink and pretty quickly becomes a very “out there” kind of drunk.

How would your girls react if you wanted to hold hands

Mary: Would smile, take your hand and intertwine her fingers between yours.
Sakaki: Would smile, blush a little, look to the ground, but hold it.
Cleo: “Ayy, what's with the cheesy shit, bro?”
Raquel: “The fuck do you think you're doing?”
Annabelle: Smile, grab it in a pretty strong grip, continue talking
Leilani: She'd take it into her mouth and lick it.
Yasu: Happy, wide smile and almost prancing ahead.
Eva: Shy smile, gigantic blush.

How would the girls text you

Mary: “Hey dear! Making BBQ for dinner, dont snack before going home, a lot of meat awaits! And I need mine, too ;* . Cu soon!”
Sakaki: “Mail came over today, brought your subscriptions. I noticed a magazine about asians hidden in-betwen. I wish to talk to you about that. PS. Do their poses turn you on?”
Cleo: “Yo, raided ur fridge while u were gone, took two beers. Coming over later and gonna give em back. Ttyl.”
Raquel: “Did you buy Creamy Champagne while in the store?”
Annabelle: “Can't talk love, at a meeting. Will tell you everything when I'm home, cheers!”
Leilani: “<3 :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:<3”
Yasu: “Hai bro, hows ur dai? :3 Mine wuz gr8, book on spiritz gave idea, mixing liquids from box o ice rn, come home soon!”
Eva: “Could I come over today at around 2pm? I have something to show you, it's one of my homebrew Blueberry Phi portable emulator consoles! I finished it today, it's in its case!”

How would the girls react to an update that breaks the game?

Mary: “It's alright, I don't mind the downtime, dearest. Rest up and tomorrow you'll feel better and fix up everything”
Sakaki: “Care should be taken when attempting updates, but I understand the job is very stressful and presses for time. It's alright. I prepared you a bath and dinner, you will be able to think about ways to fix it.”
Cleo: “Oh c'mon, what happened? You're always so careful when it comes to updating! Step it up, man, it's your baby! Care for it!”
Raquel: “Pssh, typical, you always break shit and come home crying. You better fix this pronto, my fans are waiting for me.”
Annabelle: “Oh, that's going to put a dent in your finances! Don't sweat it though, I'm sure a day of downtime won't hurt the company too much. One time, our company didn't have power for, like, a whole day! NOTHING got done that time!”
Leilani: “It's fortunate. Now you can stay at home all day. With me.”
Yasu: “Don't give up, brother! I'm sure you'll find a solution right quick! Those electric goblins will not stop you from achieving your dreams, and I'm right here to help you!”
Eva: “It's okay. You gave it your best, and that is what's important. Tomorrow is another day and no matter what others may say, I'm proud of you. You're the greatest writer and the project is lucky to have you. I love you.”

How would the girls react to you getting into a fight with your neighbour because he gives a lot of loud parties?

Mary: “You did the right thing in my opinion, I was starting to get headaches from all that bass. I wish others would be more considerate of their surroundings.”
Sakaki: “I'm impressed. In Japan, we try to be considerate of others, even when they inconvenience us personally. You didn't let them and talked with them. It takes a lot of courage to confront others, I'm proud of you.”
Cleo: “Oh those fucks were at it late at night, heard them during my midnight jog! Next time, don't wait and call the cops on them, that'll make their evening”
Raquel: “Well maybe if YOU partied as they did, you wouldn't be as boring of a square as you are! Let people live a little ffs!”
Annabelle: “Oh these are just the WORST! Back in the UK, I lived in a London flat that had these awful immigrant neighbours, they partied until late hours and always left a mess! That's just inconsiderate, not to mention horrifying to the typical Englishman! We respect our sleep a lot, you know!”
Leilani: “I could make them stop if you want…?”
Yasu: “I bet they practice sonic magic and assault us with it day and night!! We must defend ourselves against their trickery, brother!”
Eva: “You actually went over there and told them?? Wow… I… I could never do something like that… You're so brave and assertive… I wish I was more like you…”

How would the girls react if the MC was gone for 2 weeks?

Mary: “Oh dearest, I missed you so much, let me hug you! So, how was your trip? I hope you ate well! I prepared you a delicious turkey roast for dinner, it's just about done! Here, let me take your stuff… Come, come! Everything's ready for you!”
Sakaki: “Welcome back. I prepared you a bath and made dinner, also freshened your bed. If there is anything I could help with, please tell me.”
Cleo: “Ayy, my man! How was the trip? Stand this shit somewhere, grab a beer and siddown, tell me all about it!”
Raquel: “So you're finally back. Good. You brought me anything?”
Annabelle: “Oh, sweetie, I'm so happy you're back! I missed you, it felt so strange not to have a friendly soul to talk with all this time! I hope you won't mind it if I stay a little to help you, though I'm sorry in advance if I keep gabbing on - whenever you're tired, just tell me! Oh, but come here, let me give you a hug. Why, what's this? Did you lose weight? Oh no, you must be famished! I'll bring something from the fridge quick, give me a moment…”
Leilani: “Oh… Oh, my love, I thought you'd never come back, I missed you so much, I couldn't stand another moment not feeling your touch! Please, please kiss me, ravish me, right now, in the corridor, just… please… please…”
Yasu: “Yaaaay, you're back, brother! Tell me all about your trip, I hope it was fun and you visited all the cool places there! Hehe, tell me about the sights, the feel of that place! Ooh, ooh, no, tell me about the folklore first! Do they have interesting legends? Or, ooh, do they have any local ghosts or spirits that they used to worship?? I bet they did!”
Eva: “Welcome back… I'm so happy to see you again, I missed you. If you're tired, just let me know, I won't take up your time, but if you need help with anything, just tell me, alright? Oh, but let me take your luggage…”

How would the girls react if MC was unable to get it up?

Mary: “It's alright, dearest. You're just tired, or maybe… hehe, maybe I was a little too enthusiastic recently and overworked you… Don't worry and don't feel bad, everything's fine, no need to feel ashamed. Today we can cuddle a bit if you want… Come here… I love you…”
Sakaki: “Sometimes the body needs rest, no matter what the heart, soul and mind would want. It's natural. We aren't machines to perform always when needed. It's okay, you just need to relax. Tonight, let me give you a massage.”
Cleo: “Well, damn. This ever happened to you before? It definitely ain't your testosterone since we're training pretty good together. Vitamins? Or maybe you neglect your supplements. You remember to take Citrulline? NALT? Well, whatever, your tongue still works, doesn't it?”
Raquel: “Pfff, pathetic. And you call yourself a man? You've got a world-class pussy right in front of you and you can't even get it up. Or maybe you turned gay all of a sudden, eh? You like that boypussy now?”
Annabelle: “Oh dearie, it happens to everyone! Don't you worry about it. For a while I had problems with my button there, it got overstimulated for a while and for at least a month I couldn't finish! Let me tell you, after everything that I experienced, I MUCH rather prefer someone like you to a rough brute! Now, relax, rest up a bit and, if you want, we'll try in the morning, alright? Hehe, here, rest upon my beauties, that'll get you in the mood for tomorrow…”
Yasu: “Aw, phooey… I mean, good, good! You're resisting the Demonic Ether and stop yourself from acting wrong! I'm proud of you, brother! (to herself, quietly: …but I wouldn't mind…)
Eva: “…I see… No no, I understand completely! I'm… I'm scared of being so… so close, too… But… I know it won't help you right now because you're stressed and maybe even panicking, but… It's alright… You're not any less of a man or defective or anything like that… You just weren't ready, and that's alright… Let's give us some more time to get comfortable… okay?… Hehe, no no, women have that problem too, we get very dry and it's hard to… to move, but for males, it must be a lot more difficult… But it's alright. I'm here and I understand. I will never leave you. You were so patient with me, I will be patient with you…”

Examples of the girls' after sex pillow talk

Mary: “Mmm… It felt wonderful, dearest… I hope you felt as good as I did… I love how you tense up when you're close, you know? I just want to hold you and whisper that it's fine, it's all good, that you did great… Hehe, I know, I'm weird like that, but you always give your best, I want to give mine, too… I love you…”
Sakaki: “…hah… I'm… I'm sorry, I lost my composure… I… I got swept up by your… Virility… I… I can't imagine being with anyone but you…”
Cleo: “Well that was… Mmm… Leg still shakes a bit… You drive that dick like a pro, dude. You gotta learn to be a bit rougher tho, pull my hair when you're getting close, I'm not gonna break. You'll know you got it when I squirt all over your ballsack, ok? Alright, so wanna clean up in the shower?”
Raquel: “… This doesn't mean anything, alright? I always yell when I come, you didn't do anything special.”
Annabelle: “Ahhh… I wish… I wish I could just stay like this forever with you, love… When I'm here, I just feel so… So serene… I know I'll sound like a spoiled brat, but… I don't want to go back to work… Aww, I know, being an adult is harsh, but… Hehe… Come here, I'll pretend for a little longer…”
Leilani: “More.”
Yasu: “… I… I don't think we… But… Well, the Demonic Ether is within us both, now… I… Think it's okay if we control it like this, but… I…” *whispering to herself* “…I hope I will never regret this…”
Eva: “… I'm sorry, those tears aren't sadness, but… I… When I moved to the USA, I was afraid I would never… Never… Be close with anyone… I'm just… So happy to have met you… That you understand me… That you gave me so many wonderful moments… That I can love you… So these tears…? They aren't bad… They mean… You made me happy… I hope you'll understand… I'm sorry for… For changing the mood like that… It was… It was incredibleYou are incredible… I… I love you…”

Girls meet Janet

Mary: “Ah, an interview? I'm just a simple housewife, taking care of this place… Hehe, well, it's a silly story about how we met, I don't think it's good enough, but I can tell you he is a wonderful man, worth every minute spent with him. He's warm, caring and all-around a great person! I'm so happy to be with him.”
Sakaki: “If possible, I'd prefer to be anonymous for this. I came to the USA for personal reasons. I met this man after stumbling by mistake into his house. He exhibited interest with my person and I, in turn, with him. He… is a very interesting person. He became important to me, both as a person and as… something else.”
Cleo: “Yo, what's with the cam, lady? Interview? I'm not doing sports professionally yet… What, that guy? He's a great bud, we hang out together, down beers and hit each other in the face on the ring. He's a bit of a cheesy pussy at times, but he's got a heart like you wouldn't believe.”
Raquel: “I first started modelling after high school, just before college… What? You want to ask me about him!? Oh FUCK OFF lady, that guy's just… just some fanboy that keeps following me around, okay? He's not important to anything!”
Annabelle: “No interviews, please.”
Leilani: “Why are you here? Are you here for him? He doesn't want to meet you. Please leave and don't return.”
Yasu: ”*gasp* You're… You're a seer for the Window of Visions!! Please, please tell me everything about it!! Tell me what this wand that you're holding is!! I want to know what that man is holding!! Is it… Is it some sort of… Energy Focus that transfers light to the Window!?!?“
Eva: sees a reporter with a camera and dives back into the house

How would girls react finding out they're in a game

Mary: “…That would… explain a lot, to be honest… Like our strange sleeping patterns, that we keep eating the same food and… other things… It's… weird to be someone's… character? Fantasy? Plaything? But I was happy not knowing that. The person who was playing the game treated me right and made me happy through his actions… his words… Hehe… In a way, if you're reading this, dear player… Maybe I fell in love with you? I wish I could meet you, you care about me and my happiness… I wish I could do the same for you…”
Sakaki: “…So my life is someone's idea of entertainment? My happiness with him is fake? It's all fake…?”
Cleo: “Whoa whoa whoa, you're tellin' me someone not only saw me do that shit but fapped to that? If I knew there were so many perverts in the world I'd go into porn, goddamn.”
Annabelle: “So what you're telling me is that above all this is another layer of surveillance? Pff… Haaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaa, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, the irony of it all is just… Haaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!”
Leilani: “…So I don't have to act how people want me to…”
Yasu: “You're delusional!! There is only the Materium and Immaterium!! Every influence in this world comes from either one or the other!! There is nothing else, you're just uneducated, you should try reading books sometime!!”
Eva: “… I don't know what to say… Someone… Imagined me… Like this…? My… Me being like this was someone's… fantasy…? … Why…? Why did you make me… like this? Why did I have to suffer…? Why…? Please… Please tell me why…” *starts crying*

Girls talking about their favourite sex positions

Mary: “Hehe… You know I'm up for anything you suggest, dearest, but… If I had to choose, I love it when you're close… When I can feel your touch and hold you… I suppose I like it when I'm sitting on you like a chair… I think it's called “mastery”? That way you can relax and I can take care of everything… and I can kiss you, look into your eyes and hold you as you touch my back or play with my breasts… It makes me feel so connected to you.”
Sakaki: “It… may be a shameful admission, but… I enjoy riding you… Often I… get into it too much and I need to… arch my back, so I need space…”
Cleo: “Haa, thought you'd know that already. Either when I fuck your brains out domming you or when you slap my ass and dick me when I'm subbing. So riding or doggystyle I guess. I really want to try it in the air someday, but I haven't decided if you will hold me or I will hold you.”
Raquel: “Babe, fucking is fucking, but when you set me up properly beforehand - with an expensive dinner, a gift or two, I'll be putty. …Oh HAHA, that fox suit thing doesn't prove I like it rough, dumbass!”
Annabelle: “Most guys I've been with wanted to be rough and, though it wasn't bad, what really, really makes me happy is when you're gentle… sensual… Thanks to these two beauties you can rest a bit of your weight on me and it doesn't hurt, so I like it when we go classic, missionary - when you're heaving your chest working on me, you always stroke my nipples a little bit and it turns me on, love, and when you finish and seize up, then lay on me… Mmm… It makes me happy to have you between my puppies, then.”
Leilani: “What do you mean, favourite? All I want is you inside me… It doesn't matter how…”
Yasu: “…W-well, we don't have much… much experience with controlling the Demonic Ether, so… so I trust you to… l-lead me correctly… Y-you never hurt me or anything…”
Eva: *blushes furiously* “…I… I like it when… We're lying in bed… On the side, and you… you hold my leg and…” *blushes even more*

Girls talking about their most disliked sex positions

Mary: “I don't want you to feel pressured and if you ever want to do that, it's completely fine! But I'm not a fan of… rough anal doggy-style. I mean, I don't want you to feel discouraged, if you like it in my bottom, I will help you any way I can, but… I'd hate it if you treated me badly… Pulled my hair, slapped my buttocks, called me names… I'm not a slut and I'm not a whore, I don't want to hear you saying mean things…”
Sakaki: “I don't like to be treated like an animal. I understand the appeal of doggy-style for the male, but being on all fours is degrading to me. I hope you understand.”
Cleo: “I ain't one for feely shit. Missionary's fun if you're one rough fucker, but I ain't one for hugs and tickles. Take my puss all you want, but make me feel it, don't pretend I'm made of glass, ok?”
Raquel: “I am not your personal plaything. I am not your whore or anything like that. When we're fucking, we're fucking so we BOTH feel good, not just you. I won't ever handjob you to completion, so don't ever ask for that.”
Annabelle: “Ooh lordy… The wheelbarrow, when you go like missionary, but pull my legs up. Guess what happens then?? Of course, my breasts fall on my face and I can't see anything! If I'm very unlucky I can't even breathe! These two aren't just for show, love, they're heavy and when they pull upwards they hurt! Lets never try this!”
Leilani: “Threesomes.”
Yasu: “…so there are Body Sigils that don't cause pleasure!? Who in their right mind would go for that!? I hope we never try them when controlling our Demonic Ether, brother! It's, like, the best part of… I meannnn… When there's no pleasure, there is a risk it will spread to the area! We must contain it!”
Eva: *blushes sadly* “…I think… I'd hate it most if you weren't… kind and understanding… If you required something… something exotic that I can't even do… I think I'd also hate it if you… called me names… slapped me… but, but I know you'd never do that… You're a good person and I trust you completely…”

Girls' reaction to being woken with a kiss to the forehead

Mary: “Mmm…” *smiles warmly* “And a good morning to you too, dearest…”
Sakaki: *smiles demurely* “Good morning. I must have slept in… so let's make breakfast together today.”
Cleo: “Ooaahhh… Mornin', you big ol' softie. Heh.”
Raquel: “…W-whaaa… Haaaah… Whaaat was that supposed to be? The hell you doin'?”
Annabelle: “Mmmhmhm… 'Ning, love. Had a good rest? Ahh… OH! Oh, it's eight already! I'm going to be late! Egad, why didn't you wake me up sooner??”
Leilani: She wakes you up, by staring at your eyes from a couple of centimetres/inches from your face and waiting for you to open them.
Yasu: “Ahhahh… Morning, brother! Hehe, you haven't done that since we were kids… It brings good memories, thanks! So, what are we doing today?”
Eva: “… Nnnghh… Just… Just five more minutes… Come back to bed… And…” *a blush shows up on her face* “…If you could hold me for a little while…”

Girls reacting to finding your porn stash on your pc with girls that look suspiciously like them

Mary: “Oh… Hmm… Honey… Is… Is this something you'd like to… to try, one day? I'm not sure I have… stamina like that… And, to be honest… Neither do you, teehee, but… Wow, he's really going for it… Mmm… You know, I think we could arrange that one evening… Or… Or maybe, if you'd like to be a little more naughty… Would you like to make some… Home movies for when we get older…?”
Sakaki: “…”
Cleo: “Haaa, knew it, you're into black pussy! … Wait… I think I know that girl… Haha, holy shit, it IS Janice! She's got the same tattoo on her ass! Haaahaha, I'm gonna laugh in her face so bad! Or, or wait! Wait! Hmm… Listen, my man - you ever thought about a threesome?”
Raquel: “Oh you poor baby… Thirsty for Raquel? Well, I can arrange something for that, heck, if you're a good boy, I'll let you do me like that slut there… You know, I saw some really nice shoes downtown…”
Annabelle: “Oh lord… I never thought you'd be so shameless about your love of my puppies, teehee… Hmm, I think they call this… Spanish sex? Or some obscure Japanese term… Paizuri? Alright, let's go with paizuri. I thought about it from time to time, but it needs to be prepared right, we need to get some natural lubricant that won't be hard to wash out, and we'll need to get some covers for the couch so we don't dirty them, but I wouldn't mind trying it out. You've got time next weekend, maybe?”
Leilani: *smashes monitor* “You don't need that, my love. I'm here. I'll do everything for you. In fact, I'll do it right now.”
Yasu: “Oh… My… God… B-bro… I… The Demonic Ether got you THAT BAD!? This is serious, I can't let you leave!! You're a danger to others around you, your perverted needs have to be slaked regularly! Fear not, for I, the great Yasu, high-priestess extraordinaire am here and I will do everything to help you! Right, drop your pants, I'll try to replicate what I saw so the Ether can be appeased!”
Eva: “…” *blushes furiously, with her hands very, very slowly moving towards her crotch and breasts*

Girls favorite things to do with MC

Mary: She loves cooking and eating together, especially when the MC helps out.
Sakaki: Reading, quietly spending time together just soaking in the silence.
Cleo: Sparring and training.
Raquel: Going shopping. Especially if he pays.
Annabelle: Bad movie nights. (Her rants would put Rifftrax to shame)
Leilani: Touching him.
Yasu: Watching anime inspirational stories of real spirit-fighters.
Eva: Co-op multiplayer.

Girls sleep-talking

Mary: “Nnh… It's alright… Let me kiss the booboo… All better…?”
Sakaki: “Y-yamete… Nii-sama, yamete…”
Cleo: “Hhh… Good boy… Bark… For your mistress…”
Raquel: “…No… You better not… No…”
Annabelle: “…He's… He's not… He's a good person… No…”
Leilani: “…Blood…”
Yasu: “…N-no… Mom, no…”
Eva: “…Don't… Don't go… Don't leave me…”

Girls' reaction to cumming

Mary: “Ohh… Ohhh… hhhhHHhaaaaaahhhhhh…! Hhhaahhh… Hhahh… Hah… Oh… Oh MC… I love you… I love you so much…” *hugs in afterglow*
Sakaki: “Nnn… Nn… Nnnnghhhh…!! … You're… You make me feel… Incredible… Hahh… I want to be with you… Thank you…”
Cleo: “Yeahhh! What's that!? You're tired!? Well too fuckin' bad! Give it!! Give it to me, goddammit!! Fff…fffFFFFFFAAAAaaaahhhhhaaahhhhahahhhh…!! Hahh… Hahh… FfffFuck that was… Mmm…! Oooh fuck… Hahh… Oh we're not done yet, plaything…”
Raquel: “Come onn! Come ONN! FUCK ME! FUCK ME YOU ASSHOLE, FUCK! ME! FfffFFUCK MEEEE! AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaghhhh…!!!! … Hahh… Oh fuck… Alright… Alright, I'm done… You can stop now… Hey… Hey!”
Annabelle: “Oh… Ohhh, dearie, keep at it… keep at it, smother me, push it right there, yes, yess… YYYESSSsss…!!! Ahh… Hahhh… Ahhhh… Ohhh… Oh, come here… Here, rest here… Lie down… Mmm… Ahh… You did marvellous, dearie… It's alright… You don't have to pull out, just… Lay in my beauties… Ahhh…”
Yasu: “Oh… B-brother, I'm… I don't know what's… I'm tensing up… I'm… I'MMM… HNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh…!!! HNNnnnn… Hhnnnngg…. Hhhh… Hhh… What… What just happened…? Was… Was that… Did we… Is… Is the *Demonic Ether* calmed down…? I feel… So light-headed…!”
Eva: “…Nn… Nnn… NNnnn… NNNnnnnnnnnnghhh…!!! Nnn…” `*tear going down her eye*` “Nnn… Hhh… Hhh… Hhh… You're… It was… Hhh… Hhh… I l-… I love you… Th-thank you for… For making me feel… So good… So close… So… So special… Thank you…”

Girls reaction to MC getting a fever

Mary: “Poor thing, where'd you get like this? You weren't leaving the house! It's strange… But, no matter, come on, let's get you under a blanket, I'll prepare some good chicken broth and you'll feel right as rain! Try not to walk around in your pyjamas too much, you need to get warm!”
Sakaki: “Please, rest. Your body will tire itself fighting the illness, so try not to overwork it. I will prepare some herbal tea that should help you, you should drink it warm while you stay under blankets. Tonight I will watch over you just in case the fever gets worse.”
Cleo: “Man, what did I tell you about showers after workouts? It's not just so you don't stink up the place! I'll help you out, just tell me where you keep the aspirin. I needed a few days of rest, anyway.”
Raquel: “You're such a manbaby, god. Don't… DON'T walk over to me, don't even… breathe in my direction, I'll catch your shit… Ugh…” *looks at your burning up, sweating face* “Sigh… *Fine*… I'm gonna get you some meds, just… tell me where your wallet is.”
Annabelle: “Oh, you look miserable, love, what happened?? Fever? By god, you never get out of the house, how'd you get a fever!? Well, no matter, to the bedroom you go! … No, dummy, you need to sweat this out… NOT LIKE THIS!! Ughhh, I swear, you have a one-track mind! Under the blankets you go, no walking around the house! I'll make you some lemon tea and maybe get some good broth if I find it. I'll be checking in on you from time to time to see how you feel, alright dearie? Right! Now would be a good time to read something, you've got all the time you need!”
Leilani: “No! No, you have to feel better, I'll take good care of you, I swear! Here, follow me to the bedroom, get under the covers and stay there, I'll bring you aspirin and will look after you, I promise! Everything's going to be fine! We don't need to call the doctors, everything is going to be all right!”
Yasu: “Oh… Brother, you're burning up, you have a fever… It's okay, you shouldn't worry, the great Yasu, high-priestess extraordinaire will heal you! First, get to the bed, then… Then… Just wait, I'll get the… um… I'll… Just a second, alright? I'll look into the Codex of Infinite Wisdom real quick!”
Eva: “Fever? Oh… No no, it's alright, I'll help you! Living in the mountains, I know everything about sudden fevers… Hehe, yeah, the wind never gives up… It's alright, you just need to rest and I'll take care of the house while you're in bed. I… I'll get you vitamin C and aspirin, okay? I'm… not sure I could make any broth, but… Well, it's alright, they will definitely help.” *to herself* “…I just hope I didn't bring any illness here…”

Girls react to being taken care of while sick

Mary: “Ohh… Mmm, thank you, dear… Hehe, I need to learn to make broth as good as yours… I hope I feel better soon, I really want to help around the house… I'm glad you're here for me, though… Don't you worry, I'll reward you really nicely when I feel better…” *sweaty wink*
Sakaki: “…Nn-no-no, there's no need… I'll… I'll be fine… But… Thank you…”
Cleo: “Well, fuck… I guess it was too cold to run… Mmm… This is good, man, you made this? …Hell, I gotta come around more often if you cook as good as you fuck, hehe…”
Raquel: “The tea is too hot and I burned my tongue! And these covers are itchy! Move aside, I can't see the TV! You're still here? God, let me REST already, asshole!” *under her nose, so MC doesn't hear* “…but thank you…”
Annabelle: “Ooh lord, something got to me bad… I'll be fine, I just need to… to go visit the doctors and they'll pick me right up… Um… So… Could you… Could you bring my thi- Oooh my, no… head is spinning… Guess I'm resting here… Sorry, love… Wait, is that… Is that broth? … You're just the sweetest… Thank you, dearie… It's… More than anyone ever did for me…”
Yasu: I wrote a whole story about that, so… xD
Eva: “…see, this is why I moved from the mountains… It was… Every other month like that… Thank you for… For helping me… This is… You're so caring and warm… I…” *sweaty blush intensifies*

Girls reacting to MC walking in on them masturbating:

Mary: “Ah! Dearest! I… Hehe… Well… I guess you caught me… I was a bit stressed recently, and you were tired, I didn't want to bother you… You're not mad, I hope? …Thank you… I love you, dearest… Sorry, I scared myself out of the mood… But maybe… You'd like to help me a little before bed today?”
Sakaki: “Ah! I didn't hear you come back, I'm… I feel so ashamed… I'm sorry I'm so lewd… I'll… I'll go prepare dinner…”
Cleo: “Yoo, my man! Just who I was thinking 'bout! See this here? This is in need of a dick. Wanna drop those pants and help a gal out? I'll sub today if you want.”
Raquel: “FUCK! Don't scare me like that, asshole! … I wasn't doing anything, fuck off! Go bother someone else, a girl can't even get any privacy these days!”
Annabelle: “OH! Dear Lord, you're a sneaky one! I was… um… Well, I think it's pretty obvious what was going on, what with my fingers still in there… But hey, you don't seem too bothered. To be honest, with you here it looks like it's going to be more fun… Say, did you ever think about mutual masturbation, love?”
Leilani: “Don't go. Stay. Come here. Watch. Watch me. I want to see your eyes looking over me. Look, my love. Look at me.”
Yasu: “EEEK! Idiot, pervert, get out, get out! Knock before you enter a room! I was… I was consulting spirits, it is dangerous when you interrupt me! They could attack you if you're not careful! Now stay out until I… I finish! Alright?”
Eva: “OH! Oh… oh god, you… you saw it all… I'm… I… I'm sorry… I… I wanted to… Take the edge off… I don't want to bother you if you don't want to… Oh, I feel so stupid… I'm so sorry… I just got… like this, and… You see… I…”

Girls reacting to walking in on the MC masturbating

Mary: “OH! Oh… Hehe, you seem busy… You know, I'm always happy to help your needs if they give you trouble… If you want, I could do that for you… Just say the word, dearest.”
Sakaki: “…There's no need for you to tire yourself… Please, allow me to help… Sit back and relax…”
Cleo: “Ayy, what the hell, man! I thought you'd go straight for my puss if you needed it! What, too tired to fight for it? Hah, well, you ain't getting a calm fuck when I'm around. I can hit you with a handjob tho, deal?”
Raquel: “You're just disgusting, you know that? Can't even keep it in your pants for five minutes. Ugh… I hope you wash your hand afterwards, pervert… What? I'm not going anywhere, I'm gonna see how pathetic you get when you can't get it from me.”
Annabelle: “Now this is a sight for sore eyes… Have you been tense, dearie? I know that feel, I get like that sometimes at work, but… ooh, you've been at it for a while, haven't you? I can see your head is already red, as if ready to burst. Could I… maybe, get a little taste, love? You know I can't say no to a sight like this…”
Leilani: “You will NOT WASTE YOUR SEMEN!! LET GO OF IT RIGHT NOW! If you want to release, you release INSIDE ME, do you understand!?”
Yasu: “B-Brother, what in the name of all that is holy are you doing!? … I… I see… This is how you… manually take care of the Demonic Ether, then? … Isn't it painful, when you move like that so fast…? …I see… Could I… Could I watch…?”
Eva: *stops herself as she enters the room, pulls back a little and begins to touch herself to the sight of you masturbating. Taking care not to make you aware she's there, she begins masturbating herself. You both finish at roughly the same time, afterwards she leaves quietly.*

Girls talk fetishes

Mary: “Oh… Well, you know I'm open to anything you'll suggest, dear, but… Well, it's a little shame of mine, but… I really, really like pregnancy play. Honestly dearest, if you got me pregnant, I would need you all the time, especially when my belly would show… I mean, I love creampies and that feeling when you fill me, those little pulses you do and how your muscles strain then… but what really turns me on is knowing the life that grows in me is yours. I love you, dear.”
Sakaki: “I… I wish to serve you. It makes me happy when you trust me to… please you right… when you don't do any work yourself and…” *she blushes* ”…when I can see how good you feel…“
Cleo: “Yeah, you already know my kink - I'm not so much of a switch in BDSM as I'm into fighting for it. You know, establish dominance before you stay on top. I like it when you tryhard, babe. When you pin me to the ground and you're wheezing after manhandling me there - it's fucking hot to feel your raw strength as you push me to the floor and have your way with my ass, ohh fuck yeah… But remember, I ain't one to go down quietly, so if you fail - you get to be my ride, babe. And you know what that entails.”
Raquel: “You know I love to be treated first - expensive dinner, expensive perfume, expensive hotel… but what I really, really like is when you treat me like the rare jewel I am, baby… What? What's so funny?… OH FUCK YOU, That fox suit was a one-time thing, you're full of shit if you think I like it rough, especially with you!”
Annabelle: “Ooh, well, you know I like it when you're loving and warm… but our experiments turned out to be a lot more fun than I'm willing to admit… It's… kind of strange, to be honest, I mean, I'm not supposed to feel pleasure there, but… Teehee, well, maybe I am a pervert, in the end, but it's not like you were complaining!” *sticks out tongue*
Leilani: “You are my biggest fetish. I want you and only you.”
Yasu: *blushes intensively* ”…W-well… Ever since we… Since I shared the Demonic Ether with you… I… I like to… Feel your touch… Your fingers… I-in there… I know it's for your… For your… R-rod, but…“
Eva: *blushes a lot, but smiles just a little bit* “I… I really like to be… Close… To feel… Wanted… Special… So when we're in bed and you… S-spoon me… You hold me close… Kiss my neck… Whisper to me and… and… I feel really, really special… I feel yours…”

Girls talk fetishes

Mary: “I'd be happy to, dearest…“
Sakaki: *smiles a little and, blushing slightly, takes your inviting hand*
Cleo: “So where do you wanna go clubbin'? I know this pretty sweet place, it's a lesbo bar in theory but I don't think you'll be angry at that”
Raquel: *smacks your hand away* “Pfft. Ask properly.”
Annabelle: “With pleasure, love. I'll lead, alright? These beauties make it a little hard to do all these twirls and turns, I'm sure you'll understand… And I'm pretty sure you're gonna love it when I bend you back…“
Leilani: “There is no need for a mating dance. I am right here. Take me. Fill me.”
Yasu: “Okay, so we'll be doing house? Rock? … oh. OH! You mean, like… like in the movi- I MEAN UHH… In the Window of Visions?? Teach me, teach me brother!”
Eva: *blushes* ”…a-alright… I hope I'll be able to match…”

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