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Cerulean Chance

Cerulean Chance was an event held from Feb 11th to Feb 18th 2020.
It featured daily tasks that granted event points towards unlocking the next reward. Rewards included event-limited clothing, a special scene with Angela and the chance to unlock her.



Attention, Mortals! It seems the conflict beyond your world is heating up - Heaven is about to make it's move! What intense and visceral things will happen, it is impossible to tell! However, can you really pass by when you have seen a real-life angel? Come join us and our new companion, Angela!

Intro dialogue

Andrea: Yo, puppet! ••• Go tell my stupid shard that Heaven's been doing skirmisheswith the armies of Hell ••• … ••• Really funny, puppet. But while calling me stupid, remember who's holding your strings. That shard can't protect you from everything ••• Just stay put and report any weird-ass happenings. ••• You know, like those weird-ass illusions from way back, stuff like that.

Outro dialogue



DayDaily tasksEvent pointsCosts
1Poke your girls! (40)10-
Feed your girls. (10)40-
2Bathe with your girls. (5)10-
3 Stars in all minigames. (13)
— or —
Fill entire Lust Bar in any minigame 15 times. (15)
3Give your girls gifts! (5)15250 coins
- 5 Small Plushie or Single Rose
Give energy drinks to your girls. (3)3045 gems
- 3 Strong Black Coffee
— or —
- 3 Ginger
4Give energy drinks to your girls. (2)1530 gems
- 2 Strong Black Coffee
— or —
- 2 Ginger
Bathe with your girls. (10)30-
5Feed your girls. (5)10-
Use Timewarps! (3)3045 gems
- 3 2H
— or —
3 garden timewarps
6Use Timewarps! (2)1530 gems
- 2 2H
— or —
2 garden timewarps
Water crops set amount of times. (2)30100 coins
73 Stars in Spiral, Bridges and High Roller. (3)
— or —
Fill entire Lust Bar in any minigame 6 times. (6)
Gather points from opening gacha! (20)
Each regular gacha grants you 1 point,
favor gacha - 2 points, and luxurious gacha - 3 points.
755000 coins
- 20 Regular gacha ticket


  • Totals event points: 375 (25 over requirement)
  • Total costs: up to 5350 coins and 150 gems
    • These costs assume that you have none of the required items stockpiled and that you buy the most efficient option for each task.
    • Up to 5000 coins can be saved by using the Favor tickets obtained from Daily Tasks instead of purchasing Regular tickets.
  • Alternate total costs (Garden): up to 5930 coins and 400 lust dust
    • The energy drink requirements can be fulfilled using energy restoring plants from the Garden. This saves 75 gems, using coins and lust dust instead. With two plots, it would take two Ginger seeds (500 coins), one 80 coin crop upgrade, and one 400 lust dust crop upgrade, for a total of 580 coins, 400 lust dust, and a growth time of up to 3 days.
    • You can also use garden timewarps instead of normal timewarps for the tasks that require them. Garden timewarps can be obtained through the gacha, saving another 75 gems.


Event pointsRewards
50White Skirt (Bottom)
100White Lace Garter (Accessory)
150White Lace Top (TOP)
200White Lace Panties (Pants)
250Fall from the Sky (Scene)
300White Lace Bra (Bra)
350Angela Briathos (New Girl)

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