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Gacha is where the player can spend gacha tickets for a chance at getting consumables, clothes, furniture, Lust Dust, and Mementos. Players are given a set of boxes from which they can choose a reward. The contents are random, but can be uncovered by spending gems.

Duplicate clothes and furniture are converted into Lust Dust. They still count towards any tasks that require new clothes or furniture.

Mementos available is determined by the currently chosen girl, as shown by the portrait in the upper left of the screen. The higher the quality of the gacha, the better the chance of one of the boxes containing a memento. It is not possible to receive duplicate mementos.

If the current girl is awake and idle, she will tell you when her Memento or another rare item is in the current set of boxes.

GachaReward boxesUncover costGetting tickets
Regularchoose 1 from 340 gems250 coins, monthly task, daily gift with premium
Favorchoose 3 from 670 gemsdaily game task, daily wish task, monthly task, achievements
Luxuriouschoose 5 from 9100 gems150 gems, calendar, monthly task, achievements

Drop rate

Garden Time WarpMementos
Regular Ticket4%4%

Drop rates are computed from 100 draws.


  • Some events may require opening gacha to progress. It is recommended to keep a stock of tickets for such events.
  • These events may require gathering up to 20 gacha points. Each regular gacha grants you 1 point, favor gacha - 2 points, and luxurious gacha - 3 points.

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