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Eva Varga

Birth dateMarch 21st
Place of birth
Blood typeA
Height150 cm (4' 11“)
HairShort Brown
Bra sizeB
Dream jobIT
InterestRetro Games, 2D/3D Animation
Favorite gameWaifu Flip

Unlock requirements

Complete the following Achievements:

  1. But Green… - Recruit Mary! Become Mary Green's boyfriend.
  2. Foreplay - Complete the Intro! Become friends with Mary Green, Sakaki Shimizu and Cleo Loring.
  3. Hot streak! - Daily Login! Get visited by your girls 7 days in a row.
  4. Persistent Romantic - Fetch Quest! Give 75 gifts.
  5. Daily Hunter - Git Gud! Play 10 games requested by your girls.
  6. Persistent Tease - Force Feedback! Poke your girls 250 times!
  7. Achiever - Learn the Basics! Get to know all six starting girls. (Mary Green, Sakaki Shimizu, Cleo Loring, Raquel Cardoso, Annabelle Cumming, Leilani Kealoha)

Note: After a quest is collected, you must wait 24 hours before you can collect another quest.

Level up requirements

Relationship levelAffectionAdditional requirements
1. New Girl--
2. Colleague800-
3. Friend2000-
4. Girlfriend65003-star any Minigame x 8
Consecutive Logins x 3
Daemonic Bull x 2
Daily Wish x 6
5. Needy9500Marvelous Donut x 10
Full Lust Bar in any Minigame x 8
Weekly Task x 2
New Clothing x 2
6. Hot19000Cinnamon Honey Mask x 10
Full Lust Bar in all Minigames x 1
Memento x 3
Daily Wish x 9
7. Waifu21000Full Lust Bar in in Waifu Flip x 8
Consecutive Logins x 5
Weekly Task x 3
Daily Wish x 15
Guarana 2-star x 3
8. Sweetheart33000Marvelous Donut x 10
Full Lust Bar in all Minigames x 1
Weekly Task x 3
Daily Wish x 15
Special Flower x 1

Affection checkpoints

Note: The max number does not count as a checkpoint!

New Girl80160240320400480560640720800

Default clothes


  • Eva is confident when she's alone (and not suffering a depression attack at the moment). She's got a wonderful knack for electronics and knows how to repair it (as mentioned in her introductory story from her launch quest), she's awesome with a soldering gun and she's great at videogames. She doesn't feel confident around others, all social interaction is difficult for her, so it's not that she's scared of literally everything - she'd be able to function if left completely alone, she was doing that for a year before meeting the MC. She desperately wants to be loved, to be with someone who will love her the way she is, who will understand her and help her, not judge her social anxiety and shrinking violet nature. Someone who will be warm, kind and patient, who will give her time to blossom and not force her into being someone she's not.

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