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Minigames are games played from the Living Room to increase a girl's Happiness. They also give Affection and are the main way to earn coins.

Minigames require more than 25 energy to start and consume 20 energy. Once started, the minigame will go into cooldown for 20 minutes.

Each girl has a favorite minigame that gives more affection when played with that girl.

Minigames seem also to give relics when you play sweatheart girl favorite minigame without filling Full Lust Bar and without quitting the game.


  • Left/right click or spacebar to perform most actions in each minigame.
  • Press the red “X” at the top-right or “P” on the keyboard to pause the minigame.
    • The minigame also pauses if the browser window loses focus, such as by clicking out of the window.
    • Choosing to quit the minigame will still grant rewards. This a faster option to claim rewards after reaching full lust bar than waiting to lose your remaining lives.
  • Each play has three lives. One extra life can be bought for 10 gems.

Lust bar

Dancing Snake8162436
Cat Race204060100
Line Breaker14284263
Switch the Gravity10203045
Sky Jump12143654
Waifu Flip60120200300
High Roller10203045
Cake Hit204570100
Curvy Rider10152030


  • Stats = 20 + 5 * [stage]
    • Happiness gain is fixed.
    • Affection gain varies depending on the girl's favorite minigame.
    • Both are reduced if the amount of Happiness recovered is more than the stat's cap.
  • Coins = 5 + round(40 * LB%) + 5 * [stage]
    • Additional coins picked up are added to this total.
    • Coin gain is unaffected by the amount of Happiness recovered.
  • [stage]
    • 0-star = 1
    • 1-star = 2
    • 2-star = 3
    • 3-star = 4
    • Full LB = 5

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