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Cake Hit

Cake Hit is one of the minigames in the Living Room used to increase a girl's Happiness. It is Daisy Smith's favorite game.

“I love this game, [var=UserNick]! Cakes are my favourites food to make” Daisy says.

The goal of the game is to throw knives at the cake without hitting the knives already in the cake. Successful hits on the cake increase the Score. Hitting a knife will result in a loss of life. Tap/Click to throw a knife.


Each stage requires a minimum score to be activated. Higher stages require more knives and activate more complex cake movements.

Stage ScoreStar
5NAFull Lust Bar



Stat points = 20 + 5 * [stage]

  • Happiness gain is fixed.
  • Affection gain varies depending on the girl's favorite minigame.
  • Both are reduced if the amount of Happiness recovered is more than the stat's cap.


Silver Coins = 5 + round(40 * LB%) + 5 * [stage]

  • Additional coins picked up are added to this total.
  • Coin gain is unaffected by the amount of Happiness recovered.
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