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Line Breaker

Line Breaker is one of the eight minigames in the Living Room used to increase a girl's Happiness. It is Raquel Cardoso's favorite game.

“This one's fun, let's do this!” Raquel says.

The goal of the game is to cross the line by breaking through it for points. Crashing into a white segment of the line will award points. Crashing into an orange segment of the line will award points and coins. Crashing into a black segment of the line will result in you bouncing back. Crashing into a red segment of the line will result in a loss of life. Click the mouse to cross the line.


  • Stats = 20 + 5 * [stage]
    • Happiness gain is fixed.
    • Affection gain varies depending on the girl's favorite minigame.
    • Both are reduced if the amount of Happiness recovered is more than the stat's cap.
  • Coins = 5 + round(40 * LB%) + 5 * [stage]
    • Additional coins picked up are added to this total.
    • Coin gain is unaffected by the amount of Happiness recovered.
  • [stage]
    • 0-star = 1
    • 1-star = 2
    • 2-star = 3
    • 3-star = 4
    • Full LB = 5
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