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Loveball is one of the minigames in the Living Room used to increase a girl's Happiness. It is Klara Bergström's​​​​​ and Angela Brianthos' favorite game.

“Is this game special in any way? I can't help but be drawn to the screen when you play!” Angela says.

The goal of the game is to hit the yellow bumpers and make sure the ball doesn't disappear off the bottom of the playfield. Hitting the yellow bumpers increases Score and causes a knockback effect. Some bumpers increases the Score by 2 points while the rest only gives 1 Score point. Tap/Click to flip the flippers upwards. Tap/Click and hold to keep the flippers in an upward position.


Each stage requires a minimum score to be activated. Stages in Loveball has no effect.

Stage ScoreStar
5200Full Lust Bar



Stat points = 20 + 5 * [stage]

  • Happiness gain is fixed.
  • Affection gain varies depending on the girl's favorite minigame.
  • Both are reduced if the amount of Happiness recovered is more than the stat's cap.


Silver Coins = 5 + round(40 * LB%) + 5 * [stage]

  • Additional coins picked up are added to this total.
  • Coin gain is unaffected by the amount of Happiness recovered.

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