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The bathroom is the portion of your house where you can use Beauty Products to increase a girl's Cleanliness. Bathing consumes 15 Energy.


There are 32 pieces of furniture that can be used to customize your bathroom, 24 of which can be purchased with Lust Dust.

Free100 Lust Dust400 Lust Dust1600 Lust Dust
Scand BathtubOldschool BathtubGeometric BathtubCute Bathtub
Scand CeilingOldschool CeilingGeometric CeilingCute Ceiling
Scand ShowerOldschool ShowerGeometric ShowerCute Shower
Scand SidewallOldschool SidewallGeometric SidewallCute Sidewall
Scand SinkOldschool SinkGeometric SinkCute Sink
Scand StoolOldschool StoolGeometric StoolCute Stool
Scand WardrobeOldschool WardrobeGeometric WardrobeCute Wardrobe
Scand WindowOldschool WindowGeometric WindowCute Window
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