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The bedroom is the portion of your house where you can put your girls to sleep or use Drinks to replenish a girl's Energy.


There are 32 pieces of furniture that can be used to customize your bedroom, 24 of which can be purchased with Lust Dust.

Free100 Lust Dust400 Lust Dust1600 Lust Dust
Comfy BedClassic BedModern BedRomantic Bed
Comfy Bed TopClassic Bed TopModern Bed TopRomantic Bed Top
Comfy WallClassic WallModern WallRomantic Wall
Comfy CornerClassic CornerModern CornerRomantic Corner
Comfy Front CurtainsClassic Front CurtainsModern Front CurtainsRomantic Front Curtains
Comfy TableClassic TableModern TableRomantic Table
Comfy Table WallClassic Table WallModern Table WallRomantic Table Wall
Comfy LampClassic LampModern LampRomantic Lamp
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