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The kitchen is the portion of your house where you can appease a girl's Hunger with food. Feeding consumes 15 Energy.


There are 32 pieces of furniture that can be used to customize your kitchen, 24 of which can be purchased with Lust Dust.

Free100 Lust Dust400 Lust Dust1600 Lust Dust
Classic ChairsModern ChairsRustic ChairsSimple Chairs
Classic Fronts BottomModern Fronts BottomRustic Fronts BottomSimple Fronts Bottom
Classic Fronts TopModern Fronts TopRustic Fronts TopSimple Fronts Top
Classic HoodModern HoodRustic HoodSimple Hood
Classic LampsModern LampsRustic LampsSimple Lamps
Classic SinkModern SinkRustic SinkSimple Sink
Classic TableModern TableRustic TableSimple Table
Classic WallModern WallRustic WallSimple Wall
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