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Living Room

The living room is the portion of your house where you can raise a girl's Happiness.

You can play minigamesor give giftswhen you are in the living room.


There are 32 pieces of furniture that can be used to customize your living room, 24 of which can be purchased with Lust Dust.

Free100 Lust Dust400 Lust Dust1600 Lust Dust
Modern ArmchairCosy ArmchairLuxurious ArmchairScand Armchair
Modern BackCosy BackLuxurious BackScand Back
Modern CurtainsCosy CurtainsLuxurious CurtainsScand Curtains
Modern LampsCosy LampsLuxurious LampsScand Lamps
Modern RailingCosy RailingLuxurious RailingScand Railing
Modern SofaCosy SofaLuxurious SofaScand Sofa
Modern TableCosy TableLuxurious TableScand Table
Modern WallCosy WallLuxurious WallScand Wall

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