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Each girl has four stats: Happiness, Hunger, Cleanliness (also shown as Bathroom), and Energy. These stats must be kept up to earn Affection and progress in a relationship. Stats can be recovered by performing different actions.

If a stat reaches zero, the girl will be forced to take care of herself. This will automatically recover the stat to 50 at the cost of some Affection.

Stat upkeep

Happiness is recovered by playing Minigames, giving Gifts, or poking the girl. Minigames require more than 25 energy to start and consumes 20 energy. Giving gifts consumes no energy, but gifts need to be bought with coins or gems. Poking requires at least 5 energy. Each poke costs two energy and recovers two happiness.

Hunger is recovered by feeding the girl Food. Feeding requires more than 20 energy to start and consumes 15 energy.

Cleanliness is recovered by bathing the girl using Beauty Products. Bathing requires more than 20 energy to start and consumes 15 energy.

Energy is consumed to perform actions that recover the other three stats. Energy is recovered by sleeping, taking approximately two hours to recover from 0 to 55, and one hour for every 20 energy after that. Energy Drinks can be used to recover energy immediately.

Performing most actions, besides sleeping, will also increase Affection.

Stat decay

All stats decay constantly, no matter what the girls are doing.

When sleeping, Energy recovers and the other stats decay at a slower rate. The rate of decay varies depending on the points left in the stat, slowing down as the stat approaches 0.

Stat pointsDecay rateMax time
300 - 200-20/hour5 hours
200 - 100-15/hour6 hours, 40 min
100 - 10-10/hour9 hours
10 - 0-2.5/hour4 hours

Wait times

Each Minigame has a 20 minute cooldown shared between all girls before it can be played again.

Feeding and bathing have a wait time, during which no other actions with that girl may be taken. Wait times vary according to your relationship level with the girl. Wait times are reduced by a third when the girl has over 40 points in all four stats before starting the action.

Relationship levelWait time
1. New Girl45 sec
2. Colleague1 min, 30 sec
3. Friend6 min
4. Girlfriend10 min, 30 sec
5. Needy15 min
6. Hot22 min, 30 sec
7. Waifu30 min
8. Sweetheart37 min, 30 sec

Max stats

Each girl starts with a maximum of 100 in each stat. When a girl becomes your Friend (relationship level 3), some of her max stats will increase according to her preferences.

Max stat at Friend level

When a girl is presented with her Special Flower from the Garden, some of her max stats will increase according to her preferences.

Max stat after presenting flower


Obtaining Mementos will increase the stat gains or stat caps for a girl. Each girl has 16 Mementos, with four for each stat: two for increasing stat gains by 5% each and two for increasing stat caps by 25 each. Mementos are obtained from opening Gacha.

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